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Cleaning Conservatories can be a very laborious and time consuming task however, very satisfying once completed.


If your conservatory is looking tired and worn or becoming to much hassle to clean why not consider a regular professional cleaning service.


Pro-Tech Cleaning are able to clean both the interior and exterior of the conservatory including the roof. Whenever we clean any conservatory whether it be just the roof, just the windows or the whole of it we always clean the frames!


Each conservatory can be slightly different to the next so it is best to arrange a quick home visit which normally takes around 10 -15 minutes whereby we can assess access to the sides etc and give you an accurate quotation.


Prices can be tailored to your specific needs but in general most customers opt for conservatory roofs to be cleaned annually or when required and have the windows and side panels etc cleaned on a more regular basis such as monthly.


In addition to good old fashioned elbow grease we have a variety of chemicals available to tackle stubborn dirt on both rames and glass.


Once the first stage of cleaning cleaning has been completed we will also use purified water to rinse down the roof and possibly windows giving the best streak free result  




If you live in Cheshunt and are looking for a reliable cleaner who treats your home as if it were their own then please feel free to contact us and receive a FREE no obligation quotation.


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"My conservatory looks like it did the day it was built!

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