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Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning - Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Turnford, Wormley, EN6, EN7, EN8, EN10

Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning is the newest and most innovative edition to the window cleaning industry.


There are many accidents every where window cleaners are injured using ladders and in certain circumstances a private homeowner could be financially reponsible for a window cleaners injusy on their proerty.


Waterfed poles resolve this issue allowing the operative to clean the windows from the ground so therefore hugely reducing the risk of accidents.


You should check with your window cleaner the status of their public liability insurance to ensure that they are fully covered for 100% ladder work if the are not using a waterfed pole system to clean.


Pro-Tech Cleaning have all the relevant insurances and additionally use a waterfed pole system for most windows above head height.


How Purified Water Window Cleaning Works?


The waterfed pole systems works because purified water is used to clean the windows which means that no detergent or minerals are left to dry on the window which usually would cause streaks, stains or spots.


The specialist soft bristle brush loosens the dirt from both the glass and the frame then the weight of the water carries the dirt down and away from the window. Purified water only is left either on the glass or the frame and once evapourated leaves no residue marks unlike the more traditional method if water were left on either surface.


Windows do actaully stay cleaner or longer because when using traditional methods for cleaning windows a thin layer of detergent is left on the glass. This layer of detergent is so thin that the human eye cannot see it and glass appears to be perfetly clean however as time begins to elapse dirt and molecules from the air are attracted to the particles on the glass and begin to build up which is why we have dirty windows, not becuase we use detergent but because one particle is attracted to another. With purified water there is effectively no foundation to build on so although over time dirt will begin to attach itself to the glass and the process begins again it is a slower process. Windows will still need cleaning monthly or -bi-monthly to benefit from this but rather than windows potentially looking dirty after 1 or 2 weeks this could be further along.


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Pro-Tech Cleaning offer a mix of traditional and modern methods for cleaning of windows giving you the best of both worlds.




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We are so confident about our level of service that we commit to a 100% Guarantee so if there's a streak we'll be back that week.

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